About Us


The Baron's started by growing heirloom tomatoes and several varieties of peppers. As our garden grew, so did our supply of produce. We had more fruits and vegetables than we could possibly consume. We gave away an abundance, sold some at farmers markets and made jam and jelly out of the rest. 

We started giving strawberry jalapeno jam, peach habanero jam and six pepper jelly away as gifts at Christmas. The response was overwhelming. We began selling jam and jelly at the Saturday market on the square in Murfreesboro TN.  We started to build a local following and began selling at the West Nashville farmers market, Donelson farmers market and the Nashville farmers market. The Nashville Jam Company was born.

We now have retailers that carry our products from New York to Texas. 

Our kitchen maybe a little bigger now, however we still make every batch and fill every jar. 

Our commitment to quality is unwavering. No High fructose corn syrup and no juice concentrates.

Only real sugar, fruit and lemon juice. Nothing artificial.

The Nashville Jam Company's products are ALL NATURAL. Always!